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Conscious Cosmos Academy Guided by Hannah Strange

From the earliest whispers of existence, Hannah Strange has been on a profound spiritual odyssey. Her soul’s awakening journey has been a constant companion, but it was six years ago, with the birth of her first child, that the universe truly called her forth.

Hannah’s path has been illuminated by the pursuit of wisdom, love, and spiritual wellbeing. Guided by celestial forces, she has become a beacon for many, helping them navigate their own spiritual landscapes. Her dedication to the ethereal realm has led her to further her skills, embarking on a quest for a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences.

The Conscious Cosmos is more than a space; it’s a spiritual haven where Hannah’s wisdom resonates across the earthly plane. It’s a place where souls connect, where knowledge is shared, and where the spiritual essence of life is celebrated.

Hannah has decided that now is the time to honour this sacred aspect of her existence, creating a sanctuary where everyone can access the work she continues to weave into the fabric of our reality.

Join us in this mystical journey, and let the Conscious Cosmos guide you towards enlightenment, healing, and connection with the divine.

This planner has been created to keep all the important things in one place so you are no longer scrambling for notepads & wasting time looking for that really important thing you wrote down last week.

It is available in physical copy & digital download. The main differences between the two are that the physical copy has 6 months worth of pages & is undated, whereas the digital copy has a full year, is dated & in colour. The reason for this is simply because there were too many pages (1123) to be able to do a full year for the physical planner.

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